Interviews, Articles and Promotion’s I’ve Run


Bump It Up: Marketing With Math To Master Facebook’s NewsFeed

How A Cheese-Eating Squirrel Can Build Your Author Platform

Marketing Lessons From A Writer, Self-Publisher and Hobbit Enthusiast

Twitter Profiles That Don’t Make Me Facepalm

December Blog Hop and Top Book Covers of 2012

The Monthly Marketing Muse: Twitter Profiles and Amazon

Signing With a Small Press: An Author Interview

On Cover Design, DIY Marketing and The Personification of Butt-Cheeks

Promotions I’ve Run

I love book promotion – the more creative, the better. If you’ve got something you want to promote, I’d love to hear from you!

Dodgy Spies With An Awesome Prize – A Mystery-solving contest with author Kelley York

The Butt-Cheeks Giveaway – … or so it became known… with author Donna Hosie

The Super Spud Giveaway – Illustration and idea contest and the chance to win a book cameo, with author Michael Diack

The Co-operative Critique Contest – Where everybody wins! With writer and editor Lisa Terry

The Follow-Swap Blog Hop – With penguins!


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