Blogging Tips, Basic Web Design, and Interviews With The Pro’s

Web Design Basics

Sidebar Sneeze Pages – Better Than A Blog Menu?

Javascript Tips For Creating Animated Widgets

Using HTML to Create Your Own Sidebar Widgets

Designer’s Choice Part 1: Free and Easy Design Tools For Headers, Blog Badges and More

Designer’s Choice Part 2: A Paint.Net Tutorial For Creating Awesome Headers

Colouring Your Blog – Tips from designer Matt Cannon

Design Decisions For The New TwitterTimeline Widget

Color Matching Your Link Colors With Your Header Image

Coming soon…

Turning Photos Into Useable Widget Buttons

How To Create A Blog Badge

Interview With A Blogpire Series

What makes a great giveaway? How can you get agents to participate in your critique contests? Do you need expertise to be an expert? These questions and more, as answered by giants of the blogging world. More coming soon…

Brenda Drake – Building a Blog and Getting Agents to Join in

Aimee L Salter Part 1 – Building Followers and Great Content

Aimee L Salter Part 2 – Sticking Your Blog in the Spotlight

Other Tidbits

Writing Effective Blog Content

Showcasing Your Work


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