I don’t know how many times I’ve sat here trying to write this. It feels like writer’s block but I’ve realised I’m struggling against something else, and luckily the best cure is to just ignore it.

Recently I took a break from writing and blogging to concentrate on uni. I knew it was inevitable, and so when the time came that I had no time, I got used to it. Eventually uni finished for the year, but then so did my words. Instead of getting straight into the big changes my WIP needed, I spent my time pondering over stupid little details. What exact line should start this scene? How will this conversation run? It seemed I couldn’t write a thing until I’d already written it, and that applied to blogging, too. (Oh, and heaven forbid I even attempt it when there were spots on my computer screen I could be scratching off with my fingernail).

It’s only now I’m about to lose this time to uni again that I’ve ‘unlocked’ my creative self. Sure, what I’ve written has been appallingly awful but it’s out, and I’ve learned enough about editing to know I can fix it, now I’ve finally got something to fix. Until now, those ingrained editing habits were telling me my ideas were terrible before I’d even expressed them. For blogging in particular, I felt like I’d be intruding on your precious time with my un-precious words. I realised I had to tell that editor no, and go back to being an amateur, for a while.

So I am writing again, and with enough luck and coffee I’ll keep it up when uni rolls around. I will do my best to blog, perhaps not often, but at least when I’ve got something useful to share. Hopefully Helpful is ever my motto, and since I’m studying marketing I’m sure there’ll be plenty for the entrepreneurial writers out there! This post is about re-introducing myself to the wonderful world we writers inhabit. I hope to hear from some of you, because I miss you! And I hope that if you’re inner editor is giving you hell (maybe even without your knowledge, as it was for me), you can just forget about them too, for a while.