Today I’m going to show you something sad, then something happy. The happy thing involves an animal busting 80’s dance moves. The sad thing is the documentary, Home. It’s also inspirational, breathtakingly-beautiful, and scary as heck.

I’m known by friends as a bit of a hippie. But although I knew that we ARE running out of water, I didn’t realise that the water required to grow the grains to feed cattle in the US alone is catastrophic.

I didn’t know there were tonnes of carbon dioxide locked in permafrost in Northern Russia. Scientists don’t know what will happen when global warming releases it.

I didn’t know how many climate refugees we’ll soon be sharing our prized resources with. And I had no idea it could be this soon.

If this was yours, what would you do to protect it?

If this was yours, what would you do to protect it?

They’re just a couple of points which shocked me. Judging by the number of YouTube commenters who said the film changed their lives, I’m not the only one. You need to watch it. Get your kids to watch it too. And before you think it’s all doom and gloom, here’s the inspirational part (or what I took, anyway).

We still have resources, and we have hope. If you’re sick of being told to turn off your lights and use recyclable bags, fair enough. Let’s try a different angle. Say we swap one item from our weekly shop for a green alternative. You’ll get the immediate environmental benefit the product has to offer. You’ll increase demand for green products. You’ll place pressure on industries to clean up their act. Don’t believe me? You should study sustainable marketing, then tell me CEO’s aren’t paying attention to that kind of influence.

As the film says, it’s too late to be a pessimist. Just ask this guy…