UPDATE: The critique session is now open to any piece of writing less than 500 words long, and if you don’t have anything you want feedback on, no problem – you can still follow, tweet and critique for a chance to win a 10 chapter line edit and $20 e-book voucher!

Fancy getting some feedback on your work? Or would you rather score some awesome prizes? Well the amazing writer /editor /blogger Lisa Terry and I have come up with a contest that offers both!

Lisa, a journalist and newspaper editor with more than fifteen years’ experience, is offering a COMPLETE LINE EDIT for TEN CHAPTERS of your MS. So if your punctuation prowess doesn’t go further than dotting your t’s and crossing your i’s, Lisa can help fix it. And if that’s not enough, I’ll throw in a $20 voucher to an online bookstore of your choice. PLUS, you can get feedback on your work from your fellow writers, too!

The contest will run from now until midnight (EDT), Sunday the 1st July. Joining the contest is easy peasy, and we’ve got plenty of ways for you to stack up extra entries.

To join the contest, simply:

Follow me on twitter @katherineamabel and tweet “I’m in!” = 1 entry
Follow Lisa on twitter @lisaslanding and tweet “I’m in!”= 1 entry

1. For your first extra entries:

Follow/subscribe to my blog (or be an existing follower) = 5 entries
Follow/subscribe to Lisa’s blog (or be an existing follower) = 5 entries (lisaslanding.blogspot.com)
And retweet the contest each time either of us tweets it. Each RT = 1 entry.

2. For FIVE extra entries (and here’s where the feedback comes in):

Email anything you want feedback on (providing it’s 500 words in length or less) to katherineamabel at gmail dot com, and I’ll post it on this blog for critique. (Don’t worry if it takes a few hours for your work to be posted – I come from the land down under so our times are a little out!)

Please format your email as follows:

Name: (for our use only)
Logline/first page/query pitch/whatever!:

3. For EVEN MORE!!! (yes that’s a unit of measurement) entries:

Critique one of the pieces of writing. (To be exact, take three entries for each piece you critique). Please be kind AND constructive with your feedback. If there’s something you think the author can improve on let them know, but I won’t give entries for deliberate snark.

4. And for ONE last entry, spot the sentence I stuffed up in my explanation of the contest above and tweet the mistake to either myself or Lisa.

Sounds fun? Let’s get to it, shall we?